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Yes, it’s true that you’ve been the recipient of many generous acts from your friends, but you know you can help them out too! Sharing is definitely a two-way street, so make your way toward one of your friends today and share some of what you have, whether it’s money, time, jokes, clothing, or good advice. Your pal might not need any of these things, but that doesn’t matter. The value is in the gesture, and you’ll be sending someone a message that they need to hear right now.

Singles Lovescope

Hop online and see what’s happening! The stars favor witty little communiques, just like the kind you can send to a hottie or two. Diversify by checking out a few different dating and social networking sites.

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Talk isn’t necessarily cheap, but there does come a point when you have to back it up with proper action. If your partner is dithering, it might be time to put your foot down. If it’s you, figure out why you’re stalling.


When it comes to anything financial, you have to be careful about all the amounts you haven’t counted on ahead of time. You’ll be tempted to finesse them away. You can charm yourself out of certain tacked on fees, but not out of the bottom line — so don’t get too cocky.


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