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Two of your friends are in a conflict, but they have been hiding it in order to avoid putting you in the middle. You’ve sensed something was wrong, and today you need to ask them just what is going on. Friendships are something you have to maintain consciously — like it or not, it is work. So you can’t let this weirdness keep going on without trying to get to the bottom of it. Let these folks know that their attempts to keep you out of the drama are nice, but you’d rather not be in the dark.

Singles Lovescope

Refrain from going into expert mode when you chat with someone new. You know plenty, but that doesn’t mean the other person wants to hear your encyclopedic brain take over the conversation. Be yourself.

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Quick! Drop everything and grab your partner for some fun! It would be a shame to waste the closeness that you’ve got going now. Hike? Bike ride? Something a little more romantic? Those chores can wait.


You’re starting to panic. What you need is a sense of calm to face your obligations. There is a way to handle it all, but you won’t figure out what it is unless you look at your situation in a new, calmer way. Be patient. The answer will come to you.


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