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Your mind is very active right now, but you might feel as though your thoughts are trapped inside your head. You probably won’t have much of an urge to share what you’re thinking or feeling, anyway because your opinions and emotions are very changeable right now. Keeping your thoughts to yourself is actually a wise course of action. You need some time to work things out before you announce any big new plans or inventive ideas.

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Look at the patterns in all your relationships, romantic and otherwise. You just might have an “aha” moment that resolves some long-standing internal issues. So do the work. Write it down if it helps. It’s all about creating and maintaining healthy connections.

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Haste makes waste, perhaps especially when it comes to the two of you right now. If you slow down, you could notice subtleties about your partner and your situation that are telling.


You’re in a thrifty mood, even if your finances don’t dictate being conservative. Whether it’s become a habit or simply a response to inner fears, you have a hard time parting with so much as a dime. You don’t really have to, so don’t.


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