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Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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You are full of good, positive energy, and you’re prepared to use it! From cheering up friends who are down in the dumps to pumping up your team for a project or competition, your voice will be the one that motivates and gives people hope. This is a great day to check in on a sick loved one or older relative or spend some time volunteering. The feeling of warmth inside you will grow stronger as you share it with others.

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You’ve got the kind of electric energy that some find shocking, yet they still can’t stay away. People want to connect with you now, and the way you’re charged up it’s no mystery why.

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Somebody in your social circle has a talent for creating drama. You, on the other hand, are smart enough to spot this tendency and sidestep it. Teach your partner to do the same and all will be well.


A healthy goal for the day could be something simple, like a long walk or a trip to the library. No money has to be involved for you to get a big return. Staying within your budget is not the hard work you imagine it to be.


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