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It’s more important than ever to keep connections alive with the people you love. They are ultimately your rock and can serve as a grounding force in your life. As you discover that your upcoming social calendar has a lot of holes in it, resist the urge to fill them up! Leave as many blanks as possible, and call up a friend who’s been waiting for a date. While you’re at it, get back in touch with a family member who needs an update on how you’ve been.

Singles Lovescope

The secret to charming all comers is balance. Fortunately, you’re quite good at that. Tell a funny story about your past misdeeds, then wow them with your incredible smarts.

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got a serious talent that your partner adores. It’s not all they’re sticking around for, obviously, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them of your best attributes every now and then. Put on a show!


The most valuable things, as it turns out, really are free. The love of your friends is worth more than gold to you, and you’ll get reminded of just that today. Hang onto the small token as a keepsake.


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