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Cupid is sometimes too cautious for your liking. You can’t just strut up to him out of nowhere and demand that he shoots the object of your affections just to power up your love life! For now, try just acting nonchalant and totally unconcerned with what happens next. The more frantically you seem to want love, the less likely it is to come your way right now.

Singles Lovescope

You’re determined to not repeat any of those past mistakes when it comes to your current search for love. Good for you! Now gradually change some old (not so great) habits. You’re well on your way.

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You can’t tell your partner what you want if you’re not sure yourself. It may take you longer than usual to figure out, so don’t worry if conversations tend to drag on for a while.


You’re a creature of habit and it’s hard to accomplish what’s on your agenda with all the disruptions you have to endure today. Slogging through it all is your only clear choice. Sighing and rolling your eyes is just a waste of energy, so roll with the punches instead if you want to make the most of your day.


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