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It’s important for you to devote some serious energy to finding a balance between your internal life and external life. You may be depriving yourself of the attention you need to be happier. Having fun is a perfectly fine thing to do, but you shouldn’t be doing it 24/7. If you feel that strong of a need to goof off, you might be trying to avoid dealing with something you need to face. Spend some quiet time and get back in touch with yourself.

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You might get hung up on finishing a big project or crossing one more task off your list, but remember that there’s fun to be had. Let some of it go until later so you can relax!

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You have no problem taking the initiative. Surprisingly, your sweetheart is also on the same page. Whether it’s joint projects or individual ones, the two of you have no problem getting things off the ground right now.


Some things are better when they’re long and drawn out. But taking things slow is what comes naturally to you anyway, so this is easy for you. Your due diligence is making someone sweat, and each drop is like money in the bank for you. Dawdle.


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