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A certain amount of frustration could be present in your life right now, much as you would like to avoid it. Try to work solo as much as possible to duck any negative energy around you. You can actually turn this discontentedness to your advantage. A situation that is using your last nerve as a jump rope might just force you to find a solution. Direct your formidable resources toward this and you’ll be sitting pretty in no time.

Singles Lovescope

Your romantic quest has become more than a search for a companion. You seek someone who follows your philosophy and will find them wherever your beliefs are practiced.

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You wake up feeling restless, wanting to change everything all at once. Let your partner in on your plans and let them help you. Together you can tackle the small stuff first and work up to the big things.


When things are not going smoothly, they tend to grab your attention. Issues around the home might be on your mind, but they shouldn’t be under your nose. Focus on a financial partnership instead.


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