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It’s time to finish up some unfinished business with someone. Whether you forgot a birthday, still need to buy someone a gift, or left a conversation unfinished, today is the day to make up for it. Whoever is waiting to hear from you has a longer memory than you do, but they also have a huge heart, so don’t worry about anger or hurt feelings. There’s no need to be embarrassed. Everyone procrastinates.

Singles Lovescope

Letting others call the shots might be your usual relationship scenario, but today is a great time to be more assertive with what you want. Don’t be surprised when you get a positive reaction.

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Let your partner make the big decisions today. You could find yourself dithering over details until it’s too late. It’s good to switch roles every now and then to keep things fresh!


You can’t be too critical of where your money goes, and you would be wise to let that attitude seep into your personal relationships. Someone is more of a drain than they are worth. What would you do if your emotions were worth cash?


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