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Asking for something could be touchy right now, but your energy is telling you there’s no time like the present. All you have to do is consider how exactly you should word your request. Pointing out what’s in it for the other parties is always a good tactic, so see if you can offer something in return. If you approach it with sensitivity and care, fortune should definitely be on your side.

Singles Lovescope

Remember the last time you had a great heart-to-heart talk? Call up that person and start up where you left off. Keep your options open. All sorts of great topics could lead back to the subject of romance.

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Are those old ideas about relationships and how they’re “supposed” to work still hanging around in your brain? You need to do the mental equivalent of a closet cleaning. Donate those ideas, or better yet, junk ’em.


The world economy needs a new guru and so do you. Start listening to financial advice in unlikely places. If you happen upon something useful, don’t keep your sources to yourself.


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