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There’s nothing flighty in your approach today. You’re all business and have both the concentration and the mental sharpness to develop a full understanding of the task facing you. Not afraid to ask questions and dig beyond superficial answers, your probing puts you far ahead of the pack and significantly along the path to success. If only you could bring this same kind of focus to bear every single day. Enjoy this moment and take full advantage of it while you can.

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Trying to be perfect is just making your life unnecessarily difficult. Try to relax instead. Okay, so there have been some blunders (not to mention absurdities) in your dating life. What is life without flaws?

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Something that upsets you about your relationship now probably isn’t a deal breaker. In fact, it may seem major when it’s rather minor. Try to find the opportunity to reach a new understanding.


This time next week you’ll be seeing your life in a completely different light. For now, learn what you can from the picture before you. You’ll be better off if you can come away with a deeper understanding before the door closes to this era of your life.


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