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Your emotions are running high right now, so, unfortunately, pushing your buttons is a lot easier than usual. On the other hand, anyone who tries to put one over on you has your friends to contend with, and since you usually treat them like family, getting past them isn’t easy. By the same token, if one of them needs something, you’re more than happy to oblige.

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Romantically, do you feel like you’re being picked last for the team? If you’re stymied about making it to the big leagues, form a league of your own. Make your own rules, pick the players, and step up to the plate.

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If a misunderstanding crops up between the two of you, don’t express your irritation about it immediately. A friend has a much better idea about how to handle the situation.


You’ve got too much going on to sit still, much less be bored with your life. You hardly have time to talk. Don’t let other people drag you into deep conversations just yet, no matter how hard they tug at you.


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