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Someone else’s lack of good judgment could turn your perfectly fine day into a pretty lousy one. But luckily you have some amazing friends in your corner, and they can lift you out of any blue mood quickly. When a mistake is made, call up your sweetest friend and give them the scoop. Their comments will surprise you and send you giggling all the way back to your tasks. Friends are like the perfect mini vacation in a day of possible stress.

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You just can’t make sense of a person’s motives, not even your own. That’s part of the frustration and delight of human nature. So go ahead and accept someone’s irrational behavior, but don’t try to understand it.

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You say what you mean. Or do you mean what you say? Communication is fast and furious but not terribly clear at this juncture. Stick to body language, since you two have a perfect understanding of that!


Your emotions and your mind are telling you two different things. Which course of action is correct? It goes without saying it’s your gut that knows best. There are many things that can go wrong that your brain just can’t predict with the same accuracy.


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