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For now, it’s all about secrets and deciding whether or not to let them out of the bag. Your mission is to be sure you’re positive about all the facts before you even think about opening your mouth. Once you do, you may not be able to close it as quickly as you’d like, and you definitely can’t take back anything said, so proceed with your typical caution.

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Cast aside your preconceptions of a certain someone to hear what they have to say about an issue close to your heart. You might be surprised by their insight. Don’t be too quick to judge people.

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If your partner is totally honest, this plan can’t happen without your participation. Let them come around to that realization on their own. If you point it out, they might get defensive.


Don’t be too proud to ask for help. You don’t need financial support, exactly, but a little assistance would come in handy, if only in the form of advice.


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