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Feel like cooking? Or maybe just some plain old puttering around? Or spending some impromptu time with a group of friends you haven’t been able to arrange a catch-up session with since Bush was president? Well, here’s a thought: How about a combination of the three? The heavens are in a splendidly sociable mood, and perfectly ready to pass it all on to us mere mortals. Call it a potluck reunion — and think of the leftovers!

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You wake up today knowing exactly what you want. Whatever (or whoever!) it is, you know just what to do to get it.

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Part of being a leader is knowing when to let others take the reins. In a partnership, you want parity. If one of you makes all the decisions, it’s time to look at why this is and if it works.


It’s hard admitting that you don’t have any control of a particular outcome, but if you try to dig a bit deeper into your reaction, you’ll learn a lot about both yourself and life. Keeping busy is just avoiding that kind of contemplation, not to mention a waste of money.


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