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Self-respect is always important, but right now it’s imperative! You need to be adamantly on your own side, especially when you think back to earlier days and see the times when you failed to stand up for yourself. The sadness and emotional baggage taught you important lessons. Embrace who you are inside and celebrate your uniqueness. Not only should this boost your self-esteem, but you might be amazed by how much more respect you have for those around you.

Singles Lovescope

Love matters are frustrating right now, and it seems like you’re butting heads needlessly. It’s a good time to switch channels and focus on work or domestic matters instead. You’ll solve this when you’re ready.

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Being clear when you talk to your mate is half the battle. When you know what you want to communicate, you can do it effectively, especially if it’s about some household matters that need to be taken care of.


You’re keeping busy but not really managing to make any progress. Is it you or the company you keep? If you find yourself surrounded by people who are all talk and no action, then it’s time to make some changes yourself.


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