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Sharing is not just a lesson they teach you in kindergarten. It’s an important part of being a compassionate, good person. If someone needs something you have, share it. If someone’s hungry, share your food. If someone needs a small loan, try to accommodate them. These little gestures may mean little to you, but they mean a lot to someone else. Being possessive of what you have is not going to do anything but alienate others and make you feel guilty.

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Read the fine print. Before you sign on with any dating services, skim the company’s privacy policy. You’ll be surprised to find that your best interest isn’t theirs. And find out what other protective measures the site employs to oversee your sensitive info.

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You can see both sides of any argument, which might not be a good thing to share with your partner. Most likely they have one strong opinion, which you might want to agree with for now. Keep the peace.


To you, life is a game, but to someone else it’s a contest to the death. You can only get dragged into their mind set if you let yourself. Keep your temper in check but let your most competitive side out with a roar.


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