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Take time to appreciate the simple beauty all around you today, whether it’s a flower, your cat, or a perfect cup of coffee. Your creativity needs some aesthetic inspiration to fully blossom right now, so feed it all the natural beauty you can. Try to take a walk outside today. And if the weather won’t let you, find a window with a good view and sit in front of it. It’s not such a bad idea to have company while you’re doing this!

Singles Lovescope

If someone seems too good to be true, do your homework and see what you turn up. Check out all the possibilities, then trust your intuition when it’s finally time to decide what comes next.

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Your altruistic side is facing the world today, and you can’t decide where to get started. There may be a friend who needs help, or maybe you feel like volunteering for a charity.


You feel at the mercy of the universe, but the outcome you desire is in your hands. If everyone waited for a windfall, there would be a lot of idle folk out there in the world. You need to beat the bushes until you find the cash infusion you need to make it through another day.


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