Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-25


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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You’re already charming enough to require supervision under certain circumstances, and you’re even more irresistible when you set your mind on something (or someone). It’s going to take all that charm and more to get through today with your partner, since the universe isn’t especially cooperative when it comes to helping you plan romance. Don’t count on those plans you made, or on your companion being very accommodating.

Singles Lovescope

Everyone knows walking a dog is great conversation starter, but what if you don’t have a pooch of your own? Borrow one! It might seem a little crazy, but when a cute stranger stops to talk to you about the pup, you won’t feel silly for long.

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Try to tone down any criticisms you may have, or better yet, hold off for a better time to reveal them. You have some good creative energy that can help build up your relationship.


If you think your current situation is extreme, just wait another day, week, month or year. If that’s your dark way of looking at your finances, then you could be predicting the future. Snap out of it.



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