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Today, you could find yourself in the perplexing situation of having plenty of energy but not much to do. You have a choice: Channel your energy toward stirring up something new to master, or jump into a co-worker or friend’s stressful situation and help them sort it out. If you choose the former, you’ll end the day in a bit of frustration. But if you choose the latter, you’ll end the day as someone’s hero. Plus, you’ll feel pretty good about yourself.

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You may be a bit extra emotional today. A friend can lend a sympathetic ear, but you may feel like you just want to be alone. Find yourself a place of comfort and calm and listen to your thoughts.

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You can understand your partner without them saying a word now, whether it’s because you know them so well or because your guessing is so good. Wouldn’t they be impressed with an on-target surprise?


Just when you’re ready to make a big purchase, you are delayed, either by financing or inventory or something else altogether. It could be a huge disappointment to you but it’s really not a big setback in the grand scheme of things. Relax.


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