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This isn’t a good time to be using up your resources. It’s time for you to conserve more and make do with less money, less time, and less cooperation. But, thankfully, you won’t have to make do with less affection or good cheer! The friends and family members you hold dearest are going to be sending massive amounts of good vibes your way. Expect one invitation to thrill you and one invitation to intimidate you, but in a good way. Big changes are on the way.

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Whether you’re a top chef or you stopped learning how to cook at toast, you enjoy playing the host and serving food. There’s always takeout!

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You simply can’t expect to never have some feelings or patterns from the past come up and throw a wrench in the present. It happens. What’s important is that you recognize it when it does.


It’s hard not to have a chip on your shoulder or hold a grudge, after what you’ve lost. But that only makes regaining it that much harder. Ignore the nagging voice in your head urging revenge.


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