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You might be on a roll right now, but you still need to conserve your energy for the bigger (and better) things that are coming down the road. Try not to get too tied to the idea that progress can only be defined by how much you can get done in a specific amount of time. Life isn’t a race, so slow down. Don’t take on any new projects, and try to avoid making any big commitments with your time today. You need to stay flexible and deal with what’s already on your plate.

Singles Lovescope

You know what you want, and you shouldn’t be afraid to express it now. Deploy a little of your signature wit and it won’t seem like a big deal — more likely, it’ll seem quite alluring.

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Whenever a bad mood hits, you seem to take it out on your mate. Next time, instead of snapping, take a moment to think about why you’re angry and what you can do about it.


Your plans may be grounded but that doesn’t mean your communication has to be down. You can still get all the information you need long distance. Be sure you do whatever’s necessary to connect.


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