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In a work or school situation, if the folks around you are missing something that you think is obvious, speak up. Chances are, you will alert them to something that will improve the situation for everyone. Let their positive reactions boost your ego and give you the confidence to share your thoughts more often. You have a fresh way of thinking — in certain situations you are downright innovative. Don’t let the fear of their reaction hold you back.

Singles Lovescope

The long hours you’ve been working are starting to pay off, and you’re recognized as the superstar you already know you are! Celebrate success with friends and see who takes notice.

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Whatever you do today for your partner, magnify it. Make it huge and fantastic! Treat them to the most extravagant dinner you can make, or cover every inch of your home with rose petals. It’s time to make a statement!


Money, debts, balances — push all that aside. Better yet, forgive outstanding debts owed you. Consider it practice for the coming days, and an inexpensive investment in your character.


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